Scientific and Memorial Museum of Professor

Nikolai Yegorovich Zhukovsky

Branch of the Federal State Budgetary Cultural Agency “K.E. Tsiolkovsky State Museum of the History of Cosmonautics” in the city of Moscow
Saving the history of national aviation

Scientific and Memorial Museum

The N.Ye. Zhukovsky Museum is a collection-type museum, collecting and presenting materials reflecting the activities of Professor N.Ye. Zhukovsky, his students and associates, the creation and development of TsAGI, and the history of Russian aviation.
Father of Russian aviation

“Man has no wings and is 72 times weaker than a bird in relation to the weight of his body to the weight of his muscles… But I think that he will fly relying not on the strength of his muscles, but on the strength of his mind”.

The merits of this outstanding scientist for our homeland and especially for Russian aviation are difficult to estimate. It is enough to remember his activity in development of theoretical and experimental bases of aerodynamics, where he obtained fundamental results for all subsequent development of aviation; establishment of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute TsAGI, the world scientific aviation center, which he headed for the last years of his life, and the Military Aviation Engineering Academy.

Museum exhibition

Unique collection

The museum’s exposition arranged in six rooms displays the scientific biography of Professor N.E. Zhukovsky, the creation by N.E. Zhukovsky of the scientific and experimental base of aerodynamics in Russia, the establishment and early years of TsAGI, record flights of the 1930s, TsAGI and national aviation in pre-war times and during the Great Patriotic War, aviation science and technology in the era of jet aviation and rocket and space technology.
Discover the beginnings of world aviation

Collection of diapositives

The Museum’s Photo Documents Fund is a collection of unique images that allow visitors to learn about the beginnings of not only domestic, but also world aviation.

Great scientist's legacy

It is currently the only museum in the country that preserves the scientific legacy of the great scientist and is, in fact, a real center of the history of national aviation science.
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Radio str. 17, bld. 5,
Basmanny district, Moscow