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Founding by N.E. Zhukovsky of the scientific and experimental base of aerodynamics in Russia

The exhibition is dedicated to the practical works of N. E. Zhukovsky on the creation of aerodynamic laboratories in Russia: at Moscow University, in the settlement of Kuchino, at the Imperial Technical School, in the organization of the Aeronautical Circle and the Calculation and Testing Bureau (1915-1918).

An authentic flat wind tunnel (1909), a scientific and technical monument, is shown in the room.

Beside it is a large portrait of Zhukovsky by the wind tunnel (1911). The laboratory cabinet holds authentic fuselage and wing profile blowdown models, laboratory instruments and aircraft models.

A part of the furnishings of the scientist’s study in the Imperial Technical School’s aerodynamic laboratory is set aside in a separate memorial complex. All of the interior furnishings are original.

A wooden model of the Kuchinskaya Aerodynamic Laboratory building and models of World War I aircraft, including Igor Sikorsky’s Ilya Muromets bomber (1915, scale 1:20), a monument to science and technology, are displayed.

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