Room No.3
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Establishment and early years of TsAGI

This room tells about the last years of Zhukovsky’s life (he died on 17 March 1921), the history of TsAGI and the first years of its operation.

The beginning of the exposition is devoted to the practical activities of the Institute: the construction of aero-sledges, gliders, heavy aircraft KOMTA, and the first passenger aircraft AK-1. The activities of Chaplygin, who headed the Institute after the death of Zhukovsky on the creation of the theoretical group of TsAGI scientists and the construction of new laboratories in Moscow.

Further exposition of this room is dedicated to experimental production, creation of TsAGI – ANT designs, which was managed by Andrei Tupolev, an outstanding aircraft designer, one of Zhukovsky’s closest pupils. Numerous models, including the ANT-1 aircraft, the first all-metal ANT-2 aircraft, a copy of Maxim Gorky giant aeroplane, TB-1 and TB-3 bombers are exhibited in the room.

Documents and photographs show the first structural units of TsAGI, headed by A.M.Cheremukhin and B.S.Stechkin.

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