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TsAGI and domestic aviation before and during the Great Patriotic War

The main exhibit in the room is the authentic Otto Lilienthal glider, purchased by Nikolai Zhukovsky during a trip to Germany in 1895 – a monument to science and technology.

Under the glider there is a reduced copy of the first shuttle “Vostok” of Yuri Gagarin and the model of automatic space station “Luna-9”, which in February 1966 for the first time in the history of space exploration made a soft landing on the lunar surface and sent to Earth panoramic images of the lunar landscape and measured the radiation.

Models, photographs, documents and works of art tell about the activities of aviation designers Polikarpov, Petlyakov, Bartini, Shavrov, Lavochkin and others.

Models of TsAGI wind tunnels in the town of Zhukovsky are presented. The operating mock-ups show the principle of static load testing and investigation of aircraft models for flutter.

TsAGI activities during the Great Patriotic War are highlighted. Separately, the exhibition presents gliding and landing multi-seat gliders from World War II.

Works of art depict famous combat pilots and test pilots. The same room highlights the activities of the Tupolev Design Bureau, when the aircraft were already marked with the letters “TU”.

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