Room No.6
Room exposition (conference room)

Aviation science and technology in the era of jet aviation and rocket technology

The central part of the room is dedicated to the pioneers of rocket and space technology: Konstantin Tsiolkovsky, Friedrich Tsander and Sergei Korolev. Full-size models of the first liquid-propellant GIRD rockets and engine models are on display. The section also includes historical documents on the initial period of development of rocket technology and astronautics.

Among the aircraft, a special place is occupied by the models of the historical aircraft of Mozhaisky (1883), the Wright brothers (1903) and the first Russian aircraft of Kudashev, Sikorsky and Gakkel (1910).

Numerous models, photographs and works of art depict the activity of the design bureaus of Yakovlev, Ilyushin, Antonov, Mikoyan, Sukhoi and Myasishchev.

The same room also displays models of bombers, heavy transport aircraft, as well as hydro-aviation and civilian aircraft of various countries.

A separate part of the exposition highlights the history of helicopter development in Russia. Models of TsAGI autogyroplanes, helicopters of design bureaus of Nikolai Kamov, Mikhail Mil, a unique vertical take-off and landing apparatus of the “Turbolet” type by Aram Rafaelianz, as well as models of foreign firms are presented.

Scientific seminars, meetings with scientists and test pilots, and a club of aviation enthusiasts are held in this room.

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