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Founding by N.E. Zhukovsky of the scientific and experimental base of aerodynamics in Russia

The exposition of the hall is devoted to the practical affairs of N. E. Zhukovsky on the organization of aerodynamic research aimed at creating advanced aviation equipment in Russia at the beginning of the twentieth century. Galleries “for artificial air flow”, as the scientist called wind tunnels for testing models of aircraft, were created in the laboratories of Moscow University (1902), the Aerodynamic Institute in Kuchin (1904), the Moscow Technical School (1908). The prototype of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute was the activity of the Calculation and Testing Bureau (1915-1918) during the First World War. Many outstanding figures of Russian aviation came out of the members of the Aeronautical Circle created by N. E. Zhukovsky at the technical school: A. N. Tupolev, B. S. Stechkin, B. N. Yuryev, V. P. Vetchinkin, A. A. Arkhangelsky, K. A. Ushakov, G. M. Musinyants, G. H. Sabinin and others.


The hall displays monuments of science and technology: an authentic flat wind tunnel (1909) and a model of the Ilya Muromets bomber by Igor Sikorsky (1915).

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