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N. E. Zhukovsky and the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute

The exposition of the hall tells about the last period of N. E. Zhukovsky life and the first years of the Central Aerohydrodynamic Institute.


The creation of the Institute on the initiative of the professor and his students, the first steps in the organization of scientific research, production of aerial sleds, gliders, KOMTA heavy aircraft and other equipment. The death of N. E. Zhukovsky on March 17, 1921 and the activities of his colleague S. A. Chaplygin at the head of the institute for the formation of a scientific base, the construction of new laboratories and the organization of pilot production, primarily aircraft construction.


The first ANT-1 aircraft (1923) by A. N. Tupolev and the transition to the production of metal monoplane aircrafts. The first round-trip flight (1926) of the ANT-3 (R-3) “Proletarian” on the route Moscow-Berlin-Paris-Vienna-Prague-Warsaw-Moscow. The first flight to another continent (1929) of the ANT-4 (TB-1) “Country of the Soviets” with the crew of S. A. Shestakov on the route Moscow — Khabarovsk — Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky-Seattle-San Francisco-Chicago-Detroit-New York. This event is evidenced in the exhibition by a commemorative plaque-a gift to courageous pilots from US citizens.

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