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Record flights of the 1930s

The exposition of the hall tells about transpolar flights, which became the triumph of domestic aviation in the pre-war years.

The non-stop flight from Moscow across the North Pole to America (June 18-20, 1937) by the crew of the ANT-25 aircraft consisting of Valery Chkalov, Georgy Baydukov and Alexander Belyakov has forever gone down in history as the first transpolar flight between Europe and America.

The absolute world record for the range (10148 km) of a non-stop flight from the USSR to the USA via the North Pole was set on July 12-14, 1937 on an ANT-25 by pilots Mikhail Gromov, Andrey Yumashev and Sergey Danilin. These achievements were sincerely admired then by the whole world.

Authentic items of the members of the legendary crews and equipment of the ANT-25 aircraft, including the solar course indicator – a monument of science and technology – are presented in the exhibition. In the center of the hall is a painting by the artist A.M. Dubinchik “N. E. Zhukovsky among young Soviet pilots”, reflecting the beginning of the path of the country’s future aviation achievements.

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